AC, DC QuickBreakaway

The QuickBreakaway is designed to disconnect the power cord from the source without damage to the equipment if operators fail to disconnect the power cable.

Quickbreakaway Catalog Sheet


Rugged ball bearing swivel assembly that rotates the male or female plug jumper cable 360 degrees in the direction of pull

Configuration is designed to disconnect at about 50% of the normal disconnect force ensuring the disconnection will occur at the QB assembly if the plug is not disengaged at the plane.

Easily installed on a GPU or on a bridge through the mounting holes in the base (Adaptors are available for mounting).

The jumper assembly hooks up to the power source with terminal lugs and is customized for length based on the application.

The power cable requires two female connectors or a male-female depending on configuration; one connector for the QB and the other provides power to the plane.

Quickbreakaway Catalog Sheet