R90 – Attachable Power Nose

Six-pole 400 Hz AC Rubber body Attachable Power Nose

Modular construction for easy replacement or worn components

Excellent resistance to moisture/chemicals and sever wear and tear

Silver-plated over machined copper contacts

Lugs may be crimped or soldered to cables

R90 Attachable Power Nose Catalog Sheets


The Attachable® Power Nose is designed to be the quickest assembly and lowest overall service ground power connector

Furnished in many combinations of power and control contacts, cable sizes and wiring arrangements.

Nominal Voltage115/200 Volts (400 Hz)
Electrical Ratings – Power30°C Rise, 450A Continuous, 1500A for 1 min
Electrical Ratings – Cntrl30°C Rise, 35A Continuous
MaterialSynthetic Rubber
Temperature Range-60°C/120°C     -60°F/248°F
Power ContactsSilver Plated over machined copper

R90 Attachable Power Nose Catalog Sheets