R765 / R771 – Attachable 3-Pole Plugs

3-Pole DC 28V Attachable® Plugs-4,5,6 wire; Split Control Sensing

Now available in Attachable models and the new EcoNose

Excellent resistance to moisture/chemicals and sever wear and tear

Silver-plated over machined copper contacts

R765 / R771 Catalog Sheet


Manufactured to MS25486 Specifications and listed on Qualified Product List (QPL) for MIL-C-7974 (AS 7974)

Furnished in many combinations of power and control contacts, cable sizes and wiring arrangements.

Nominal Voltage 28V DC
Electrical Ratings – Power 30°C Rise, 450A Continuous, 1500A for 1 min
Electrical Ratings – Cntrl 30°C Rise, 35A Continuous
Material Synthetic Rubber
Temperature Range -50°C/135°C
Power Contacts Silver Plated over machined copper

R765 / R771 Catalog Sheet