400Hz 6-Pole Receptacles

Ground power receptacles are located on the aircraft or other devices and receive the power input from a ground source to recharge and operate electrical accessories

Receptacles are manufactured to specification MIL-C-81790.

Receptacle base is molded of glass reinforced material for low moisture absorption and high strength

Contacts are machined and silver plated

Studs and contact nuts for lug connections are located at the rear of the receptacle

6-Pole Receptacle Catalog Sheets



Available in male and female receptacle configurations

Options include shields, snap covers, and contact covers

The shield, when applicable, is of anodized aluminum to guide plug insertion and guard against misalignment.

Dielectric Withstand 2500VRMS with < 1 milli-amp leakage
Current Ratings – Power 450A Continuous, 1500A for 1 min
Current Ratings – Cntrl 35A Continuous
Flexural Strength 3500 lbs (1590 kg)
Temperature Range -65°C/200°C
Impact Strength –

Power Contacts

Withstands impact of 10 lb weight (4.5KG) dropped from 24 inches (60 cm)
Impact Strength –

Control Contacts

Withstands impact of 10 lb weight (4.5KG) dropped from 12 inches (30 cm)

6-Pole Receptacle Catalog Sheets